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Jim Chapman ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

I just wanted to write something about Jim, bc he is literally the sweetest thing ever. I love how he always says thank you when he has been on someone else’s channels and he is literally so freakin handsome. Like I’m not trying to be a fan girl sayin it, I honestly do feel like he is one of the most attractive men I’ve seen….congrats Tanya, you got lucky! :) Yesterday, Jim favorited my tweet about his eyelashes, yes its me Jim haha :) he literally had the most PERFECT eyelashes I’ve ever seen. They’re so long and curl up perfectly, I’m just so jealous! Oh and also, Jim’s smile makes me smile EVERY time. I love watching his videos and him in other peoples videos bc he’s always smiling and it makes me smile. Well I have to go to work now, I’m running late..oops! Lol. Just really hope you see this, Jim! You deserve to smile and be happy forever /.\ took me like forever to remember my password and stuff for this account its been a while lol. Bye, Jim! Have a great day :) Can’t wait for this video!!

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I’m trying to prove a point to my mum and teachers

Literally had one three days ago

Yo, that’s what started my issues on Tuesday that I’m just getting over today.

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Girl graduates in front of her terminally ill mother.

*real tears*


Damn I just stopped crying from the bullying song now this…

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buenos aires | 4/5
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